Sustainable Options for our Water Treatment Systems

Sustainable Options for our Water Treatment Systems

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint – across our core sectors – Remediation, Water and Resource Recovery, by ensuring we provide better environmental outcomes for our projects. For instance, we have been actively incorporating solar panels into our Mobile Water Treatment Systems, reaping significant benefits.

This application creates a more sustainable alternative to diesel generators on sites without a permanent power supply. There is an immediate and substantial reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by eliminating the reliance on diesel-powered generators. Further benefits are then realised in parallel to emissions reductions through streamlining and reducing operational labour costs for refueling, and a quieter environment free of noise pollution.

The ripple effect of this progressive move extends, as it abolishes the need for large-scale fuel transportation to the project sites. The logistical intricacies and environmental toll associated with truckloads of fuel are nullified. And, the most transformative aspect of our solar integration strategy is its capacity to establish operational footholds in remote regions, ensuring geographical flexibility.

Brayden Rees, our General Manager Resource Recovery & Water, explains, “We have operated a solar powered Mobile Water Treatment system without interruption in Melbourne since 2017, which is a testament to the technology, working in typically cloud Victorian covered skies!”

To top it, our solar systems are mobile, able to be folded for transport and reconstructed on other sites. With a battery storage capability ensuring 24/7 operations and remote telemetry to monitor site conditions, battery levels and operations, we are providing an industry-leading sustainable initiative to make our environments safer and communities sustainable.

The system pictured above is currently on a Major Energy Wholesaler’s site in eastern Melbourne. 

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