Our People – Matthew Boyle

Our People – Matthew Boyle

Introducing, Matthew Boyle, our General Manager of Sustainability.

Matthew recently joined our team and is excited about developing strategies to ensure that sustainability at Enviropacific lasts long into the future. As a leader, he’s most passionate about helping people improve, grow and achieve success in their roles.

Read on as Matthew talks about his role, sustainability at Enviropacific and his aspiration for the team.

Welcome to the team, Matt! What attracted you to Enviropacific?

Enviropacific is using cutting-edge technology and science to solve some of Australia biggest environmental challenges and that is a purpose that I feel so privileged to be part of.

On seeing the plan, the growth and development of the business over the next five years, it was something I could not pass up.

Tell us a bit more about your role as the General Manager of Sustainability.

The role is very exciting and brings together lots of great work across the business and develops strategies to ensure the sustainability at Enviropacific lasts long into the future.

This will include strategy execution for a sustainable workforce, First Nations reconciliation, environmental protection, and business governance. It’s a wide-ranging role that allows me to bring all my experience and enthusiasm to.

What does ‘sustainability’ mean to our organisation?

What I think is great is that sustainability at Enviropacific is more than the standard Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) of the other companies. Here, we are taking a holistic view of the being a sustainable business and looking at strategies and process that we need to sustain as a sustainable business.

What have you enjoyed most about working at Enviropacific so far?

The people! Every person I have meet to date cares about the business and each other, they believe and live out the Envirocode and have been very welcoming.

Who or what has inspired you in your career?

This has changed for me over time, but I am passionate about helping people grow to achieve success. Nothing is more inspiring to me than a helping a person set goals and work on themselves to improve and achieve the goals. I hope to get the chance to do this with as many people at Enviropacific.

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