Our People – Will Magnus

Our People – Will Magnus

Meet Will Magnus – our National Pre-Contracts Manager who has been accepted as a nominee for the ALGA’s Board of Directors in 2023.

Will believes ALGA has given him the opportunity “to converse openly with like-minded people, allowing us to collaborate to develop and improve our industry.”

Read on as he as he shares his aspirations for the future of ALGA and reflects on his remarkable journey with Enviropacific.

What inspired you to apply for ALGA’s 2023 Board of Directors?

I have been involved with ALGA for almost a decade, including several years on the Melbourne Branch Committee with a term as chairperson. I have thoroughly enjoyed participating and being able to support ALGA, which has given me a real insight into how truly unique this organisation is.

Through ALGA, being able to regularly converse openly with like-minded people, collaborating to develop and improve our industry, in such a critical time for the environment is genuinely remarkable. With the right guidance and support, I feel that ALGA can take great strides to support industry and lead in its own right in the sustainable management of land and groundwater.

If you were successful as a Director on the board of one of Australia’s premier forums for the contaminated land and groundwater industry, what would be some of your immediate goals?

As my role at Enviropacific has evolved from operational to one of more strategic planning, I have been exposed to a range of upstream business initiatives, allowing us to refocus for continued growth and expansion into new markets.

I would look to bring a similar range of sustainable strategic goals to ALGA including enhancing inclusion and diversity across the organisation, targeting a broader membership with contaminated site owners, whilst seeking to further the organisation as the leading platform for sustainable management of contaminated land and groundwater in Australia and New Zealand.

Who or what inspired you to take up a career in Environmental Science?

It was ultimately my high school geography teacher that lit the environmental spark and led me to pursue a degree in Environmental Science! I have always learnt from and been inspired by my (much smarter!) peers across the industry, including those I studied with at University, many of whom work in our industry now. 

What attracted you to Enviropacific?

Applying a hybrid of engineering, science and broader project management has been an appealing aspect of my work at Enviropacific, and what probably attracted me initially. I take pride in being organised (to the disdain of my family), so project management of environmental projects was an obvious fit for me.

Tell us a bit more about your current role?

My current role involves national precontracts and project development, which includes identifying major remediation opportunities for the business, and evolving our delivery capability to ensure we are best positioned when projects come live. I also support our local bid teams with delivering our best possible tender proposals including smartest methodology, most well-suited team and ultimately the best outcome for our clients!

What do you enjoy most about working at Enviropacific?

I was bushy tailed employee #34 with Enviropacific – we’ve now tipped over 400 staff across the country, and it’s been a real journey to grow with the business and the industry.

My job involves working with people and relies on the strength of the team around me. There’s always someone in the business that has experienced or understands what we need, and everyone is willing to support and provide guidance when required. Whilst we’ve grown to a large business, we still maintain a personal touch which makes all our staff and clients feel valued. This culture is something I’m proud to be a part of.

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