Ensuring Effective Remedial Outcomes with MPVE Technology

Ensuring Effective Remedial Outcomes with MPVE Technology

Our team recently completed a trial project in Western Victoria that involved the insitu service offering Multi-Phase Vacuum Extraction (MPVE), enabling us collect data and gain an understanding of the best approach for remediating the site.

According to Jack Burley, our Project Manager, “The benefit of the MPVE trial is that whilst we collect the useful and important data to enhance future decision making, we’re also able to actively begin remediating the site at the same time.”

Our MPVE capabilities have seen us undertake thousands of individual remediation events across all corners of Australia, from operating service stations to critical fuel storage facilities. We are able to mobilise rapidly to meet requirements for emergency response or ongoing groundwater remediation events.  

Tom O’Callaghan, our Regional Water Manager VIC/SA/TAS, explains, “The MPVE technology provides real time data which enables our operators to update system settings to produce optimal performance, ensuring consistent and effective remedial outcomes.”

MPVE involves the removal of phase separated hydrocarbons, vapour phase and dissolved phase contaminated groundwater from the subsurface via a series of extraction wells. Our mobile MPVE units include a large displacement internal combustion engine which recirculates the extracted vapour phase contaminants from the ground to allow combustion within the controlled engine environment, essentially recycling the removed contamination to power the system.

We have been delivering insitu groundwater remediation solutions for over 20 years and besides MPVE, we offer Surfactant Enhanced Aquifer Remediation (SEAR), LNAPL recovery, and insitu chemical oxidation (ISCO) amongst other technologies.

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