EnviroLock­­®­­ – A Suite of the Best Reagents in the Market!

EnviroLock­­®­­ – A Suite of the Best Reagents in the Market!

There are various products/reagents available in the market today designed to treat contaminants in both soil and water, but with so many to choose from, how would you choose the most suitable, cost-effective and risk-free option?

Having successfully treated two million tonnes of soil with reagents and over ten billion litres of water with dosing and filtration products through hundreds of projects across Australia, our project teams have evaluated almost all reagents/products you can imagine during this time.

These extensive learnings have been distilled into a collection of products known as our EnviroLock­­® suite – a dynamic catalogue of the most cost-effective, best-performing reagents in the market, chosen on their ability to reduce solid contaminant concentrations, reduce contaminant leachabilities, and remove (concentrate) contaminants into the chosen filtration media.

With over two decades of experience applying the practical remediation of soil and water – including hundreds of bench and field scale trials – we understand precisely what it takes to develop cost-effective, sustainable and holistic solutions to remove or bind toxic substances, particularly per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).

Instead of applying a prescribed reagent at the commencement of a project, or casting a wide net to keep options open, the EnviroLock­­® suite can significantly reducetime, cost and performance risk to a client. Through our early involvement in the reagent selection process, EnviroLock­­® products undergo assessment against specified technical performance criteria in the laboratory, followed by determination of treatment unit rate costs, to allow us to provide the best performing reagent at great value to our clients for each individual project. Time and again we find that products in our EnviroLock­­® suite offer a significant cost saving to our clients.

Ben Kay, our National Innovation Manager, explains, “Being technology- and reagent-agnostic at Enviropacific is important to the services we offer. Having said that, however, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time a similar opportunity presents itself. By using our large database of lab and field-scale trial data, we’re able to select a shortlist of reagents to trial, ultimately providing the best value solution for our clients. And by being involved early in the reagent selection process, we are also able to reduce the potential performance risk for our clients, ultimately providing greater certainty around project delivery.”

For more information on past projects go here, and to learn more about our EnviroLock­­®­­, reach out to contact@enviropacific.com.au

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