CEO Message Q2 2023

CEO Message Q2 2023

Hi All

As we reflect on the end of another financial year, with its achievements and challenges, we look forward to continued growth across our core sectors – Remediation, Water and Resource Recovery – supported by remarkable innovations from our R&D team, the expansion of our resource recovery facility – SOLVE, and projects across the country.

Allow us to introduce our revolutionary PFAS treatment technology – DeFASTM – that removes and then completely destroys PFAS in contaminated water while allowing for the regeneration of filter media, thus presenting a truly unique solution for this toxic waste.

We are equally pleased to unveil our exclusive suite of the best-performing reagents in the market known as EnviroLockTM. Drawing from our extensive learnings gained over the past two decades on projects in soil and water treatment, we have curated this collection of products to offer a better solution for our clients.

Further with our new Soil Receival Building at SOLVE, Altona we can now handle larger volumes of contaminated soil, waste and NDD sludge.

Having successfully completed a range of projects across various regions from Kaniva Lemon Springs in Victoria to defence projects in Queensland, we now look forward to working with EPA Victoria to build Australia’s first ever Acetylene Recycling Facility and continue to work on Brompton Gasworks project in South Australia and various defence projects in Darwin.

I would like to thank our clients, suppliers, and employees for their commitment to our shared mission of making our environments safer and communities sustainable over the past 12 months. 



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