A Unique Solution to Completely Destroy PFAS in Water

A Unique Solution to Completely Destroy PFAS in Water

As a company specialising in the treatment of contaminated groundwater, we are proud to introduce our revolutionary PFAS treatment technology: DeFASTM.

Unlike traditional treatment methods that merely remove PFAS from contaminated water and concentrate for offsite disposal, our technology allows for the removal and complete destruction of these harmful compounds, whilst also regenerating filter media to allow long term treatment efficacy. This ultimately provides a closed-loop approach for the treatment of PFAS contaminated water on site, eliminating the requirement to dispose of PFAS concentrate or spent filter media, providing significant economic and sustainability outcomes not yet seen in the market.

This is achieved through a unique process that not only separates PFAS from water, breaks down the chemical bonds that hold the compound together, but then renews filter media to allow continued, sustainable treatment.


Enviropacific’s DeFASTM technology is the result of years of research and development and sets a new standard in the industry for both effectiveness and sustainability. It allows the company to provide its clients with a reliable and cost-effective solution to PFAS contamination, whilst also helping to protect public health and the environment.

The company’s process has been developed from a lab scale prototype through to commercialisation of full-scale modular systems. Our technology is particularly beneficial in remote and rural locations, where the opportunity for filter media replacement and disposal is both cost-prohibitive and occupationally hazardous.

DeFAS comprises of three unique stages, which include filtration, regeneration, and destruction.


The technology treats contaminated groundwater and successfully removes both short and long chain PFAS impurities in a single pass. The system is designed to operate for 6-12 months before requiring filter medium regeneration and can be verified by an onsite adsorbent test which guarantees maximum adsorption for process optimization. Achieving up to 12 months of continuous operation of a water treatment plant without needing to replace filter media, whilst removing high levels of PFAS from groundwater, is a significant achievement not yet seen in Australia.


The regeneration process allows renewal of the PFAS medium by processing in situ. Performance testing has been carried out with an expected medium bed life up to 10 years without having effect on the adsorption rate. The regeneration process utilises a low temperature patented practice which recirculates fluid through the bed to wash out the PFAS and in turn concentrating the PFAS in the destruct holding tank for further processing. Achieving 10 years lifetime of filter media, whilst removing high levels of PFAS from groundwater, is a major breakthrough in the conventional design and operation of water treatment plants. The process to regenerate and reuse filter media with DeFASTM results in a significant greenhouse gas emission reduction than other treatment approaches.


An additional step to the regeneration process is the destruction of the PFAS molecule which occurs in a controlled process. The destruction is completed in the processing unit to prevent any exposure to the concentrated contaminant. The destruction process is automated and tested to destruct the PFAS molecule to 65% fluoride and the remaining to carbon dioxide, safely breaking down the PFAS molecule to its elemental condition. The destruction of the isolated PFAS concentrate on site, within the same treatment system, is an important achievement, limiting the requirement to transport hazardous PFAS concentrate and spent filter media interstate for thermal treatment.

Sustainable Solution

Sagar Adhikari, our General Manager-Water, explains, “Our mission is to provide a safe and sustainable solution to communities facing the threat of PFAS contamination. With our technology, we can efficiently and effectively treat contaminated groundwater, helping our clients to achieve compliance with regulations and protect public health. We are committed to providing innovative solutions that go beyond mere compliance to achieve long-term sustainability and protect the health of our communities.”

We believe that our technology represents a significant step forward in the fight against PFAS contamination in a sustainable way, and we are proud to offer it as part of our comprehensive suite of groundwater treatment solutions.

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