Enviropacific Offers a Range of Decentralised Water Systems

Enviropacific Offers a Range of Decentralised Water Systems

We have the in-house expertise to design, manufacture, and install water and wastewater treatment plants for all decentralised applications throughout Australia. Our process teams configure a variety of technologies to develop a treatment process specifically designed to meet the requirements of each community.

Sagar Adhikari, our GM Water, says, “As communities and local councils strive to provide safe and sustainable water and wastewater treatment solutions, the need for specialised local companies with in-house capacity and capability to design, build, operate, and maintain decentralised water/wastewater treatment plants has become increasingly important.”

In a country as urbanised as Australia, this centralised treatment model provides for economies of scale and the lowest cost per capita compared to having a treatment plant on every street corner. However, with one of the lowest population densities on the planet, being the largest island-continent presents major challenges in delivering potable water and wastewater services to the nearly 3.5 million residents of rural, regional, and remote communities scattered throughout Australia.

We offer a range of packaged, containerised, or fixed permanent water and wastewater treatment systems for remote and isolated communities, as well as local councils through our manufacturing and assembly facilities located in Sydney, Adelaide and Perth. We have containerised desalination systems currently being constructed in remote communities across South Australia including Mallee, Oodnadatta, and Marla.

Decentralised water and wastewater treatment plants offer several benefits for remote and isolated communities and local councils. Our efficient decentralised treatment system can:

  • be easily customised to suit local conditions and requirements
  • provide reliable treatment of both potable and wastewater sources
  • be modular in design requiring only short planning and implementation phases
  • moderate investment costs with a local procurement and job creation opportunity
  • limit requirements for operations and maintenance
  • be energy efficient with an emphasis on renewable and/or self-sufficient energy sources

By choosing us, local councils and remote communities can ensure that they have access to high-quality, sustainable water and wastewater treatment solutions that meet their unique requirements.

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