Innovative and Sustainable Solutions for Onshore Decommissioning

Innovative and Sustainable Solutions for Onshore Decommissioning

There is a growing need for reliable, cost effective and innovative solutions for the onshore decommissioning of retired infrastructure assets, as this industry is predicted to become increasingly prominent in the coming years in Australia.

As the leading environmental and remediation services provider, Enviropacific is well positioned to enable companies to remain competitive in the challenging offshore decommissioning market with our comprehensive range of services.

Our onshore decommissioning capabilities are multifaceted, encompassing a range of services designed to ensure subsea infrastructure is safely and efficiently dismantled and removed. We offer core services with a key focus on circular economy, reducing landfill.  

These services include:

  • Engineering & FEED
  • Demolition & deconstruction
  • Hazardous materials identification and management
  • Water containment, filtration, and treatment
  • Material segregation
  • Recycling

    A key advantage of Enviropacific’s onshore decommissioning services is our collaboration partners. As decommissioning in Australia is an emerging market, our partners wealth of experience and learnings in their respective disciplines combined, not only supports our approach to market but provides the client certainty around a sustainable solution. 

    Led by Enviropacific’s Manager – New Business, David Wilson, our team has conducted trials on subsea umbilical and flowline infrastructure to understand:

    • how materials would react when cut under pressure,
    • the most practical method of segregation,
    • contamination risks and mitigation,
    • recycling pathways, and
    • value engineering.

    Wilson explains, “Our onshore decommissioning capabilities of subsea infrastructure represent a vital and highly valued service for clients seeking to manage environmental risks, trailing liabilities, and to achieve true material recycling outcomes. We have a proven track record of delivering complex projects across Australia, and our commitment to sustainability and innovation is second to none.”

    Enviropacific aims to be a trusted partner for the safe and responsible decommissioning of subsea infrastructure. If you would like to know more about our services, please forward your enquiry to

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