Enviropacific Provides Safe Solutions For The Remediation Of Asbestos

Enviropacific Provides Safe Solutions For The Remediation Of Asbestos

Enviropacific has managed the safe excavation, remediation, and disposal of over 3 million tonnes of asbestos waste. Each jurisdiction across Australia has evolved with its own requirements and preferred management approaches for asbestos waste, of which we are conversant and competent.

The use of asbestos was banned in Australia in 2003, since then an ongoing program of removal and disposal to landfill has taken place. The risk associated with removal of fixed asbestos in buildings and infrastructure is well understood and regulated. The management of asbestos in soil is continuing to provide complexity, to landowners, the regulators, and contractors.

Remediation of Asbestos

In Victoria, we are completing a project involving the excavation and remediation of 200,000T of asbestos contaminated soil. A traditional approach would see this material disposed to landfill, however our adopted methodology includes the abatement of asbestos from the soil, allowing beneficial reuse of the once contaminated materials. The benefits of this decontamination approach go beyond providing a significant cost saving for our client, and include:

  • a reduction in trucks on Melbourne’s roads: an estimated 8,000 loads of soil not requiring transfer to landfill
  • saving landfill space for more recalcitrant wastes: with an emerging shortfall in landfill capacity, air space has been salvaged for less recyclable materials
  • creation of a circular economy: waste soils generated on the project are able to be reused in beneficial applications including rehabilitation of industrial sites and quarries

Sustainability Victoria estimates more than 300,000T of asbestos waste will be generated in Victoria alone each year for the next 30 years. A small quantity of asbestos containing materials (ACM) can contaminate a large volume of soil, as such exacerbating the emerging shortfall in landfill capacity, by filling landfills with what is otherwise clean and reusable soil. 

Asbestos project

Through our remediation capabilities, we are focused on providing innovative, safe, and consistent solutions to our clients’ projects and challenges, with a key focus on maximising the circular economy and ultimately reducing cost. This includes mature and established waste markets such as asbestos, ensuring we review every project on its merits, providing a fit for purpose solution to ensure our clients’ needs are serviced.

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