Our People – Leslie Penney

Our People – Leslie Penney

In Our People segment, we are shining the light on our Graduates!

This month we celebrate Leslie Penney our Graduate Engineer from the remediation team in VIC/SA/TAS.

Leslie loves the fact that “no two projects are the same” in her current role.

She loves the travel she’s been able to do with work and enjoys seeing all the spreadsheets come to life.

Who or what inspired you to take up a career in engineering?

I have had many inspiring opportunities – like taking part and winning a competition in high school where we had to build a Robot designed to collect Ping-Pong balls, attending an event on women in engineering and interacting with civil and chemical engineers near where I lived – that have worked together to attract me to a career in Engineering.

What attracted you to Enviropacific?

I love to be outdoors and am very passionate about animals and the environment. With this role I get to be outdoors and do my bit for the environment. That was the most exciting thing for me about this job. I could also see online that they were a stable and growing company and as someone who was looking to move into a long-term career this attracted me.

What do you enjoy most about working here?

I love how Enviropacific support employees to learn and grow, not just employ them to do a job/task. I also love the travel I’ve been able to do and just getting outside to work (seeing all the spreadsheets come to life).

Tell us a bit about your role and your favourite project?

The project I’ve been most involved with is the Kaniva lemon springs waste removal and remediation. The best thing about this project is the team out here. Everyone is relaxed, friendly and supportive. In my role I’ve been doing some in-situ bioremediation of hydrocarbons, managing a register of stockpiles and learning and helping with building and manual labour as needed. Soon I will be moving into doing some asbestos works as well and managing some backfilling. No two days are the same in sunny Kaniva!

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