Our People – Phuong Le

Our People – Phuong Le

In Our People segment, we are shining the light on our Graduates!

This month we celebrate Phuong Le, our Graduate Site Engineer from the remediation team in South Australia.

Phuong loves the “variety” her role offers and the fact that “no two projects are the same”.

She appreciates the support of her colleagues and enjoys “learning new things every day”.

Who or what inspired you to take up a career in engineering?

My experiences with environmental pollution led me to choose Environmental Engineering. I want to contribute and do my bit to deliver solutions for environmental problems.

What attracted you to Enviropacific?

I wanted to be part of an organisation that was doing something for the environment. And by joining Enviropacific, I was getting to be part of an organisation that works towards safer environments and healthier communities. 

What do you enjoy most about working here?

I love that no two projects are the same! Every project is different, and there are always new things for me to learn. That challenges me to improve my knowledge and skills every day. I also really appreciate the support of my team members, which is invaluable as I continue to learn and grow.

Tell us a bit about your role and your favourite project?

As a Site Engineer, my role entails overseeing the on-site flow of work, materials and equipment, and ensuring the safety of a project. This role has helped me gain a lot of practical knowledge, along with skills in communication, leadership and working in a team.

My favourite project is the one I’m currently working on, it’s the Contaminated Brick Clean Up. The project is about categorising materials into different level of contamination to optimise treatment cost.
I have learnt a lot, particularly by working with my colleagues to set up and organise the project, while also working with wet hire operators and consultants.

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