Our People – Sung Stone

Our People – Sung Stone

In Our People segment, we are shining the light on our Graduates!

This month we celebrate Sung Stone, our Graduate Site Engineer from the Innovation team.

Sung loves the fact that his role gives him “plenty of opportunity to work on new projects, with a good balance between being in office and getting my hands dirty out there.”

Who or what inspired you to take up a career in engineering?

My Dad played a huge role in me choosing a career in science and engineering. He studied physics and maths throughout university and showed me at a young age how brilliant science could be. I’ve had a passion for it ever since.

What attracted you to Enviropacific?

Enviropacific was extremely attractive to me, being a highly regarded engineering company that was committed to preserving and maintaining the natural environment, something I am passionate about. I had also heard that the culture at Enviropacific is great and it seemed like an awesome place to work overall.

What do you enjoy most about working here?

I really like the people here at Enviropacific. Everyone is welcoming and friendly and it’s easy to build connections. I love the opportunities to work on new projects frequently, both in the office and out, which is exciting.

Tell us a bit about your role and what you looking forward to working on?

I am in the Innovation Team, which involves exploring avenues for expanding our business. We look at promising opportunities within the sector and see what solutions we can produce to solve these problems for people.

My favourite project so far would have to be working with Ben, Fred and Lindsay to develop a new passive treatment system for immobilising PFAS in water. I’ve only had a small role to play, though it’s been super interesting being involved in the design process and seeing this project come to life!

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