Our People – Gurman Kaler

Our People – Gurman Kaler

In Our People section for the first quarter, we are shining the light on women in engineering!

Gurman Kaler

This month we celebrate Gurman Kaler, Project Engineer from VIC/SA/TAS Remediation Water team, and trace her professional journey which began with “an interest in chemistry at school” leading to a career in Chemical Engineering. Gurman chose to be part of the Enviropacific team as she was “impressed by the portfolio of projects in the remediation industry.” She loves her “close-knit team” and picks Todd Road Stormwater Remediation Project as her favourite project to date.

Who or what inspired you to take up a career in engineering?

During my school years, I always enjoyed Chemistry and anything that involved problem-solving. I loved the overall feeling of having solved a problem using creative solutions and collaborative thinking. So, when choosing university courses, Chemical Engineering sounded like a good fit for me. I was very attracted by how interdisciplinary the degree was and the vast range of industries that you could work in as a Chemical Engineer.

What attracted you to Enviropacific?

When applying for my role, I was very impressed by Enviropacific’s portfolio of projects in the remediation industry and the direct impact they had on people’s lives and the environment. I have always had a keen interest in sustainable development and being part of Enviropacific seemed like the perfect step in that direction.

What do you enjoy most about working here?

I think other than the challenging projects it has to be the amazing team. The Victorian Water Team is a small but very close-knit group of supportive individuals who always come together when needed. I really enjoy that we can go through challenging times on projects but still remember to have fun with it all and always take away stories that we can laugh about. It’s a group of people with diverse expertise and experiences that welcome and respect everyone’s ideas. Such a working environment constantly encourages growth and progression for me.

Tell us a bit about your role and what has been your favourite project?

Working as a Project Engineer at Enviropacific is a great mix of site visits, getting your hands dirty and being involved in design and reporting activities. I also love that my role provides me with a lot of opportunities to visit new places which I would not have otherwise had the chance to.

Todd Road Stormwater Project

I have been fortunate enough to be a part of a number of great projects, but I think the Todd Road Stormwater Remediation Project has definitely been a favourite. The project site had a legacy of industrial use resulting in ongoing groundwater contamination. The project scope had several unknowns that always kept us on our feet and pushed us to come up with viable solutions in short time periods.

It required the project team to develop an efficient management plan to manage numerous contractors, auditors along with unexpected weather conditions to deliver the required outcome. The process of studying the storm and surface water modelling to prepare for trigger levels and controls was an insightful experience. The satisfaction of delivering such an immersive project with an amazing team is an unmatched feeling.

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