CEO Message Q4 2022

David Tucker - CEO Enviropacific

Hi all As we come to the end of another year, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients for their continued support and our employees for their tireless efforts which brought us good recognition in the industry across our core services. It’s great to note that our business has grown by […]

Moving Mountains of Hazardous Waste

Enviropacific’s hazardous waste treatments are improving environmental outcomes for infrastructure projects all over Australia. Victoria’s West Gate Tunnel Project will move 9000 trucks off local roads in Melbourne’s west when it’s completed. While new twin tunnels, elevated roads and river crossings are taking shape, giving motorists a visual barometer of the project’s progression, behind the […]

CEO Message Q3 2022

Enviropacific CEO David Tucker

Hi All The new financial year is well underway and it’s pleasing to see that Enviropacific is continuing to grow in all our key service areas. There are interesting projects in the pipeline and our teams have been nominated for various industry awards:  In Remediation, we completed site works on the Fitzroy Gasworks project in […]

Treating PFAS – Passively!

PFAS – What is it? PFAS (pifaas) stands for per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances. These substances are a group of thousands of man-made chemicals that possess several unique properties and have a fascinating history. These chemicals are stable, resistant to water and oil, stain resistant, have surfactant behaviours and are heat-proof. These qualities make them particularly […]

Groundwater and a Sustainable Future

ALGA Interview Series Sagar AdhikariGeneral Manager – Water Sustainability is a word we use almost every day to talk about the pursuit of protecting our most valuable natural resources. What opportunities do you see to better maintain groundwater from the impacts of contamination? When we talk about the concept of sustainability, we need to consider […]

Our People – Romil Ghaswala

In Our People segment, we are looking at our Business Managers. This month we celebrate Romil Ghaswala our BDM from the remediation team in VIC/SA/TAS. Romil says, “I enjoy the diversity of work in my current role, keeps my day exciting.” What drew you to your chosen career, and then to Enviropacific? I have known […]

Congratulations – Fitzroy Gasworks Project Team!

Finalist at the Engineers Australia Excellence Awards! Congratulations to the Fitzroy Gasworks Project team for finishing up as one of the 6 finalists at the Engineers Australia Excellence Awards – People and Projects Victoria! Claire Weaver and Adrian Scott represented our team at the event. Our team was engaged by the Victorian Government as Principal […]

Our People – Leslie Penney

In Our People segment, we are shining the light on our Graduates! This month we celebrate Leslie Penney our Graduate Engineer from the remediation team in VIC/SA/TAS. Leslie loves the fact that “no two projects are the same” in her current role. She loves the travel she’s been able to do with work and enjoys […]

CEO Message Q2 2022

David Tucker - CEO Enviropacific

Hi All As we come to the end of another financial year it is pleasing to see Enviropacific continue to grow with a strong pipeline across our core services – Remediation, Water Treatment and Fixed Facilities. We look ahead to positioning ourselves for the next stage of growth. In Remediation, we continue our regional expansion […]

Immobilisation – An Effective Way to Manage Hazardous Waste

What is Immobilisation? Hazardous waste comes in many forms, but all with a commonality that the contaminants of concern present, have harmful effects on human health and/or the environment. In most cases, due to the high levels of toxic elements in hazardous waste, it is not usually safe to dispose of in landfills, risking soil […]