First in Australia, New Plant Investment Increases Safety

First in Australia, New Plant Investment Increases Safety

Enviropacific has taken delivery of two 950GC Caterpillar loaders at the SOLVE Facility in Altona.

These are state of the art machines with payload, tier 4 engines, and a bespoke integrated cabin filtration system which includes filtration for HEPA (dust particulate) and hazardous gases.

Having this specific filtration system installed is a first for Australia. The cabin filtration systems originated from America and the machines from Japan, meaning there was extensive modification required to ensure the filtration systems performance.

Rodney Gray, Enviropacific Plant Manager, spent last week at SOLVE with Michael Mattiacci (William Adams Account Manager) and John Merlo (Caterpillar Trainer) taking delivery of these machines and training the operators in their use. The training was imperative, as the environment the operators will be working in can be subject to a wide variety of contaminants.

“The idea of purchasing such units was to try and get operators out of the full facial respirator unit and body suits, as you can imagine how uncomfortable it would be sitting in a machine for 12hr a day. Also, one of the main issues is trying to operate a machine safely with limited visibility wearing a facial respirator, and then working indoors in a confined space,” said Rodney Gray, Plant Manager.

This new delivery marks the latest in a series of significant plant investments for Enviropacific, with the ultimate aim to increase Enviropacific’s safety and efficiency in its facilities and on sites nationally.

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