Our People – Clayton Cowper

Our People – Clayton Cowper

Clayton Cowper, our Sydney Operations Manager, joined the team in 2020 having spent the majority of his career in consulting firms involved in the delivery of remediation projects.

Clayton on site at his latest project with Enviropacific

What drew you to your chosen career, and then to Enviropacific?

I actually didn’t set out to start a career in the environment. Having started a Bachelor of Economics degree and realising it wasn’t for me, I transferred into Environmental Science as it made sense at the time as to what I was genuinely interested in – and I believed it would afford me a job that meant I wasn’t stuck at a desk all the time! Having spent the majority of my career at design and consulting firms involved in the delivery of remediation projects, and seeing how Enviropacific operated, joining the team in 2020 was a natural fit for me.

What do you enjoy most about working here?

Without a doubt the people.  I don’t think there has been a day that I haven’t been able to have a good laugh with the team.  My observation has been that everyone wants to deliver quality outcomes for our clients, each other, and the business.

Which is your favourite project?

The next one!

My favourite project to work on since joining Enviropacific has been the Waterloo remediation project.  It had a little bit of everything… demolition, HAZMAT, soil remediation, water treatment, and stakeholder liaison, but also provided me an opportunity to meet more of the team when I was still relatively new to the business.  The project was delivered on time and under budget so it was a great achievement.

Prior to joining Enviropacific, I was lucky enough to project manage the remediation of the Albury Former Gasworks which had a significant component of In Situ Solidification which hadn’t been completed in Australia previously on a gasworks site…. thankfully it worked!

Waterloo Demolition and Remediation
Waterloo Demolition and Remediation project

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