SOLVE – Treating PFAS Wastes

SOLVE – Treating PFAS Wastes

SOLVE offers an outlet for the treatment and disposal of PFAS waste that can’t be managed by other means.

PFAS treated material

Did you know that thermal treatment is one of the most efficient ways to treat PFAS?

SOLVE – Enviropacific’s state-of-the-art facility in Altona, treats and disposes PFAS waste streams from around the country that can’t be managed by other means. We have proven experience in the management of all PFAS waste streams, including waste by-products generated from treatment processes and emissions control systems.

Join our experts Amy Wells and Dino Adikaram, of SOLVE, as they go through the current PFAS treatment landscape and learn how SOLVE can help with PFAS waste management.

Amy leads the team at SOLVE, to deliver cost-effective and sustainable solutions that help our clients realise better financial, sustainable, and environmental value for their waste problems.

Dino is the Business Development Manager at SOLVE, specialising in identifying, developing, and nurturing relationships with new and existing business opportunities in the waste, and waste water industries in Australia.

Together they will discuss how SOLVE uses direct fired thermal desorption technology which is internationally accepted as the most efficient and effective means for treating PFAS. They will highlight SOLVE’s high treatment capacity and 24-hour operation and how that enables us to provide the market with a competitive and reliable waste outlet.

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