Our People – Sarah D’Alterio

Our People – Sarah D’Alterio

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Project Engineer at Enviropacific - Sarah D'Alterio
Project Engineer – Sarah D’Alterio

Introducing, Sarah D’Alterio, our Project Engineer. Sarah is a passionate environmentalist, who has embraced opportunities, tackled challenges, and made friends along her career journey at Enviropacific. Sarah began her career with an environmental consulting firm, and as part of that had the opportunity to work on projects with Enviropacific. She enjoyed the experience and wanted to explore career options in environmental remediation, which led her to join us. Read more about Sarah’s journey below

What drew you to your chosen career, and then to Enviropacific?

I have always been a keen environmentalist, passionate about sustainability and solution focussed environmental investigation and remedial initiatives. I began my career with an environmental consulting firm based in Melbourne upon finishing my undergraduate in Environmental Sciences and readily embraced the opportunities I had there to develop my analytical and Site works focused skillset. Early in my career, I worked on a few really interesting projects with Enviropacific and excitedly decided to explore my career options in an environmental remediation direction.

I fondly remember the first few projects I worked on with Enviropacific, I was really impressed by the project teams, the robust nature of the safety focused comradery and the general positive attitude and capabilities of the project team members. It felt like a natural progression for me to work with Enviropacific, I always felt respected, safe, considered, and valued while on Site and thoroughly engaged by the interesting projects we delivered.

What do you love about working here?

So many things, but mostly the interconnected yet professional nature of the team I work in. The ease at which we communicate, the supportive yet non-invasive supervision style adopted by management and the solid safety focused framework Enviropacific promote. As a project engineer, I am able to readily put forward my ideas, exercise interest in the projects we undertake, and continually learn and develop. There is such a diverse and brilliant group of people working within Enviropacific, we are always willing to share knowledge, revise methodologies and learn from each other. That continual willingness to evolve, take measured risks and support each other is for me, what makes this workplace invaluable.

Health Safety and Environmental Risks, Managed at Enviropacific
Safety and Critical Risks Culture

Which is your favourite project?

So many! For varied reasons. If I had to choose I would say the bushfire clean-up works undertaken for Bushfire Recovery Victoria last year. It was one of the hardest projects to work on from an emotional perspective, though in terms of satisfaction upon project delivery the experience was incomparable. Working away in the isolated and breathtaking natural environment in east Gippsland coupled with the development of an amazing Site team made that project one to truly appreciate and remember.

Gippsland Bushfire Clean up in Victoria - Enviropacific Remediation of Asbestos
Gippsland Bushfire Clean-Up Project

I also thoroughly enjoy developing treatment trial plans, from gathering baseline information, preparing mixes, tailoring treatment options for highly contaminated materials, and then resourcing the practical delivery of the project, I find the whole process super interesting and I get real satisfaction in a successful completion.

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Our People - Sarah D’Alterio