New Rules: Managing Hazardous Waste in Victoria

New Rules: Managing Hazardous Waste in Victoria

From July 1st, new rules and arrangements for the management of hazardous waste come into force in Victoria.

Material being removed from customer sites across the state will now be tracked via EPA Victoria’s new Waste Tracker portal.

Amy Wells, Solve Manager has been impressed with the training provided by the EPA team to system users, and the rapid take up by her team.  

“The live information available to our thermal plant operations is invaluable, and we are so relieved to be moving to an online platform. Our project administrators have been working with customers, carters and fleet operators to ensure that our operations are not impacted.”

The benefits are not just about removing paper based system.

“An online portal better connects us with our customer, as well as streamlining the detailed information collection & transfer to the regulator. Further, all of the community benefits from a much more robust system being in place, that ensures waste streams are going where intended ” .

For further information please check out this video Creating a waste record with EPA’s waste tracker or contact our SOLVE team.

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