Kaniva, Victoria – Illegal waste dump clean up

Kaniva, Victoria – Illegal waste dump clean up

Work is well underway cleaning up an illegal waste dumping site in Lemon Springs in far west Victoria.

Mobilisation onsite has now been completed, with site huts, triage structure and access roads established.

We are continuing to conduct detailed site investigations, with the first excavation and removal of waste completed… it was classified on-site and transported to an appropriately licensed facility for disposal. 

We are working closely with EPA Victoria and the West Wimmera Shire Council to remediate the property, which has about 30 ‘sites of interest’ where up to 6,500 cubic metres of solid and liquid chemical waste is suspected to have been buried.

Kaniva VIC
Illegal waste dump clean up

In late March EPA announced it had charged the owner of the site, with 118 offences under the Environment Protection Act 1970.

The charges allege that the individual permitted the transport and burial of various types of industrial waste at his rural premises at Lemon Springs. The charges further allege that this unlawful dumping created an environmental hazard and polluted both land and water on the site, amongst other matters. The matters are now before court.

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