Edinburgh RAAF Base Water Treatment Plant Update

Edinburgh RAAF Base Water Treatment Plant Update

By Damien Edwards, Project Manager Water – VIC/SA/TAS

Enviropacific is developing plans to expand the Water Treatment Plant, purpose designed and constructed for Defence at the Edinburgh RAAF Base in South Australia.

The plant is fully automated and runs remotely.  It undergoes weekly inspections and lab sampling to ensure it continues to function effectively.  It has already treated more than 30 million litres of groundwater and successfully removed about 8,000 grams of PFAS.

The initial design and construction phase involved various technical, environmental, contractual and heritage stakeholders.

The plant itself uses several industrial-grade poly tanks: Raw Water Tank, Filter feed Tank, Treated Water Tank and Potable Water Tank.  A complex set of pumps and pipework was connected for overhead electrical cabling, and on-ground connection to the six water extraction wells to treat raw and potable water.

Since final commissioning, the plant has operated continuously, successfully reducing the PFAS content in the groundwater at Edinburgh to levels below the Australian drinking water guidelines,  exceeding contractual requirements.

The WTP’s mass removal of PFAS species has resulted in a significant drop in PFAS content in the source groundwater over the operating period to date.  Enviropacific is currently working on upgrading the water treatment plant to accept water from other sources on the RAAF base.

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