What the NSW PFAS decision means to you

What the NSW PFAS decision means to you

The NSW Government has joined South Australia and this week announced a ban on the use of PFAS firefighting foam.

The state’s Environment Minister Matt Kean said firefighting foam was the key cause of PFAS contamination in New South Wales.

The changes to the Protection of the Environment Operations (General) Regulation 2009 (NSW) will ban PFAS firefighting foam from April this year, except when fighting catastrophic fires or where there are special exemptions.

Owners or managers of industrial sites and facilities with firefighting training grounds in NSW should review their use of PFAS-containing products.  They should also seek advice on how to effectively manage their PFAS impacts from their operations.

As Australia’s leading remediation services business, Enviropacific has been treating PFAS contamination across the country including airports, defence sites, emergency service facilities and brownfield sites for years.

Our purpose is to stop, prevent and reverse environmental damage in order to create safer and healthier communities for future generations.  This decision should go some way towards stopping and preventing further harm to the environment. 

Unfortunately, there is still the legacy of years of use of these foams that needs to be cleaned up.

Clients come to us because we are a safe, experienced and trusted pair of hands.  We have the skills, expertise, capability and, most importantly, the people who can help you manage any contamination issue you may be facing.

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