The Changing Environment of Protecting the Environment

The Changing Environment of Protecting the Environment

What Enviropacific can do for you

By Amy Wells

2020 will be the year that we will remember as having an ever-changing set of rules covering how we do business, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pleasingly, these restrictions are very much a memory, but they have prepared us to start thinking of how to respond to the changes to the Victorian EPAct, and how Enviropacific can help you.  These changes are not tweaks or incremental improvements, but a wholesale shift of what waste is, and what duties are expected by those generating waste.

  • General Environmental Duty

The concept of General Environmental Duty (GED) is the key change point, and triggers responsibilities and accountabilities equivalent to that regarding risks and safety.  Enviropacific can help you manage your environmental risk in both pre-contamination contexts such as water treatment as well as continuing to remediate sites where contamination has already harmed the environment.

  • Waste Generators

Waste, industrial waste in particular, is now defined to take in a broader range of materials and circumstances. There is a longer list of contaminants, as well as lower thresholds of contaminant triggering different obligations. A new waste category, D, is introduced by the new regulations.  Fortunately, we are licensed to treat a growing range of contaminant including category D. 

  • Increased Activities needing Licence

As we see more activities – including dry cleaners – now requiring a licence to operate due to their use of chemicals, we can help.  Our SOLVE hazardous waste facility is continuing to expand to be able to treat a broader range of activities and help you manage the increased requirements on you and your business.

  • Licence Reviews

In the past, a Works Approval licence would be generally left as-is, unless it required a change due to non-compliance or at the specific request for change by the licence holder.  The new EPA Act provides for a review of licences every five years. The mechanics of the review process are under development, but it is clear that risk identification and mitigation will be high on the list of requirements.  Enviropacific is well positioned to help guide you through that process to give you certainty and peace of mind.

At its core, Enviropacific works with governments, industry and communities to clean up the brown footprint society leaves behind.

For over 20 years we’ve evolved our management approach to be agnostic with respect to technology and treatment process. This gives Enviropacific the edge, to look at any form of chemical treatment and apply our processes to achieve sustainability and risk-based outcomes.  We are committed to operating as a trusted provider to the private and public sectors.

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