By: John Phipps & Sagar Adhikari 

Leachate generation from solid waste landfills is a major problem for municipal councils.  Leachate contains large amounts of organic and inorganic contaminants and if not controlled can cause severe environmental impact.  

Most current treatment technologies for leachate are either biological, physical/chemical, or a combination of both.  Determining the most appropriate and cost-effective process technology for a particular leachate is a challenge as many wastewater treatment suppliers and contractors are (naturally) biased towards their own technology or incentivised to recommend only certain process technologies. 

With Leachate recognised as one of the most problematic, variable, and difficult to treat type wastewaters, transferring this risk to a trusted and experienced specialist solutions provider is the ideal solution.

Enviropacific is one such organisation.  We are not only experienced and well recognised in the “difficult to treat wastewater” space, but willing to take on such risk. 

Enviropacific puts customers first, delivering innovative and “Whole of the Life Cycle Cost-Effective World-Class Water Treatment Solutions” through our inhouse design and project delivery team.  We can design, engineer and deliver temporary (mobile), semi-permanent or permanent treatment plants using state-of-the-art technology with the flexibility to meet the specific challenges of each client. 

Importantly, we are not commercially tied to any specific process technology so can select and develop the most suitable process technology for each client’s specific needs.  Furthermore, Enviropacific will stand by its designs by offering a process guarantee. 

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