New Defence Contract

New Defence Contract

Enviropacific is looking forward to working with the Department of Defence to enhance its facilities as part of a broader effort to improve national security.


We recently won a contract to remove redundant underground petroleum storage systems (UPSS), across eight Defence bases in South Australia and the Northern Territory.

The work is important because we will be removing potential and actual sources of soil and groundwater contamination, assisting with mitigation of environmental liability across the wider Defence estate

The project involves extracting 35 underground storage tanks, followed by the validation of the tank excavations, backfill and reinstatement of hardstand and above ground infrastructure.  

Some of the tanks require physical shoring, some require removal of canopies and bowsers, and others are close to active underground services.

The project highlights our capability across our key services: remediation, water treatment, hazardous waste management and fuel facilities. 

It also marks the continuation of the important partnership with Defence.  

Pic: Courtesy Department of Defence

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