SOLVE: A national solution to hazardous waste

SOLVE: A national solution to hazardous waste

Enviropacific’s hazardous waste treatment facility, SOLVE, located in Melbourne is fast becoming a national solution for the treatment of contaminated soils and waste.

SOLVE uses the most advanced internationally-recognised thermal desorption technology to separate and destroy contaminants avoiding the need to dispose of waste via landfill.

The facility is the largest of its kind in Australia.  Since its opening last year, it has accepted contaminated material from Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and the Northern Territory.

Amy Wells, SOLVE Manager

SOLVE Manager, Amy Wells, says the facility is helping reduce environmental risk across the country.

Thermal desorption is a more sustainable disposal method than almost any other solution, we are cost effective, reliable and safe,” she said.

The types of contaminants the plant can treat has also expanded.

The facility now has formal approval to treat:

  • M160 PFAS soil
  • N210 Filter media
  • M100/M110/M120 PCBs.

This is in addition to the existing approvals to treat N119 and  N120 Category A & B contaminated soils.

We are currently undertaking several other proof of performance trials as we continue our efforts to create safer and healthier communities across the country,” Ms Wells said.

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