Enviropacific’s growing Water capability

Enviropacific’s growing Water capability

Enviropacific’s water treatment capability continues to grow – now Australia’s preferred provider of critical tunnel water treatment services.

We have been an important partner for some of the country’s most important tunnel infrastructure projects including NorthConnex and the Sydney Metro.  Deloitte Access Economics estimates $69 billion will be spent on projects of national significance – like these – over the next four years.

We design, construct and operate plants that treat a range of contaminants including high solids, dissolved metals, ammonia and hydrocarbons, helping our clients safely expedite their tunnelling operations.

Our proprietary design ensures that the treated water produced during the tunnelling process can be either recovered and reused on site, or safely discharged into stormwater systems to meet regulatory requirements.

This technology offers an unprecedented ability to respond rapidly to engage preventative measures and stop potential pollution incidents from occurring; it also provides essential reassurance to regulatory bodies such as EPA, allows for data collection and protects the environment.

In short, Enviropacific delivers one-stop, cost-effective and efficient solutions for simple and complex water treatment tunnelling problems.