From Newcastle origins

From Newcastle origins

From humble beginnings to Australia’s leading environmentally focused services business, Enviropacific has been a part of the Hunter business community for nearly two decades.

The business has worked on some of the most complex and high-profile remediation projects in the Hunter, helping drive the area’s transformation into an environmental and tourist drawcard.

Newcastle Operations Manager, Mitch Anthony, says one of Enviropacific’s most high-profile projects was the remediation of the Newcastle Harbour foreshore several years a “We’re particularly pleased with the work we did – not only did we improve the local environment but the work enabled the go-ahead of one of the region’s biggest sporting events, the V8 Supercars,” Mr Anthony said.

Enviropacific also cleaned up Stockton Beach, which had been eroded by the constant heavy swells, exposing sections of a disused historical landfill to the public and posing a risk to surrounding residents and local ecosystems.

“There was a direct threat to nearby marine environments, with the waters off Stockton Beach known for being nurseries for Great White Sharks and Humpback Whales.

“We ended up excavating 12,000 tonnes of landfill waste from the beachfront, including asbestos, and in doing so we have prevented possible future contamination of Stockton Beach and preserved the historical significance of the National Park,” said Mr Anthony.

Enviropacific has expanded into four core service areas – remediation, water treatment, hazardous waste management and fuel facilities – and is working across a range of industries including aviation, defence, government, property and infrastructure.

But Enviropacific’s CEO, David Tucker, says the business’ purpose has remain unchanged since its founding in 2001, by Newcastle boys Matt Fensom and Cameron McLean.

“Cameron and Matt both had a passion for environmental remediation and that is still the same today.

“While the business has grown to more than 250 employees, having delivered thousands of projects across the country, we remain as committed as ever to improving the environment around us – and making our communities safer and healthier for future generations,” said Mr Tucker.

Hunter Business Review, August 2020