COVID-driven workplace changes: driving safety, flexibility and productivity

COVID-driven workplace changes: driving safety, flexibility and productivity

The coronavirus has forced businesses and organisations like ours to re-examine how we go about our work.  It’s driving a more productive and responsive workplace and increasing our focus on safety and hygiene.

We’ve made some significant changes to ensure we meet the growing demand for our essential services.  We’ve introduced new technology, hygienic practises, health testing regimes and workplace flexibility.

We’ve always had the technological capability to meet and work remotely but that’s now become a critical part of the way we do business.  Given our national footprint, we regularly travelled for meetings – most are now conducted remotely using TEAMS resulting in significant time and cost savings. 

Many conversations and meetings were conducted over the phone or via tele-conference are now conducted tele visually.  Face-to-face contact is increased, improving engagement with clients, suppliers and employees.  We have conducted organisation-wide briefings using online ‘town-hall’ technology capabilities as well as virtual safety inspections from the Boardroom – possible from any location that has a screen and access to the internet.  This real-time remote access ensures we can respond to issues quicker and more effectively. 

The increased focus on health and well-being aims to make  our workplaces safer.  Employees who are sick are required to stay home.  On site, many now undergo temperature testing and all observe better safety and hygiene habits.

Another assumption that’s been challenged is the capability of working remotely, including from home.  Clearly, in an industry like ours there are limits.  But for those who are desk-bound, the pandemic-driven technology capability has opened up possibilities for other ways to work that improves employee well-being and productivity.

COVID-19 has forced big changes to the way we go about our daily lives – from a personal and business perspective.  At Enviropacific, it’s helped us focus on a safer, more dynamic and efficient organisation for our employees, subcontractors, suppliers and clients.

Ian Pearl, ERP Systems Project Manager

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