SOLVE update

The reputation of the SOLVE facility in Altona, Victoria, as one of the country’s key hazardous waste treatment facilities continues to grow.

The facility continues to increase the range of contaminant types and concentrations it is licensed to receive and treat.

It is also playing an important role in some of the state’s most significant infrastructure projects:

  • West Gate Tunnel Project – we are treating Category A and Category B material and ensuring that it is clean enough to be re-used as clean-fill in the future.
  • Fitzroy Gasworks – we continue to treat large volumes from the state government’s urban regeneration project. 35,000 tonnes of Category A and Category B contaminated soil has been thermally treated since the project started in July 2019.
  • Orica Deer Park – Enviropacific’s Major Projects team has mobilised onsite at Orica Deer Park where several thousand tonnes of contaminated soil will be sent to SOLVE for treatment.
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