Potable Water – Expanding our expertise

Potable Water – Expanding our expertise

Enviropacific has a long history in delivering world class solutions for treating contaminated ground and waste water – that expertise is now being expanded into packaged potable or drinking water.

Growing population demands, emerging contaminants such as PFAS combined with aging infrastructure means existing water treatment plants need upgrading and upsizing.   Water authorities and municipalities are looking for new technologies and businesses that can deliver consistently to the highest quality.

Enviropacific has a capability to offer a pre-engineered, factory built and tested modular designs for a range of clients from remote isolated communities, mining camps and other decentralized locations to councils, residential development and water authorities.  

We are currently delivering a packaged Water Treatment Plant, capable of producing 10 million litres of safe drinking water per day.  The plant uses Microfiltration technology as the primary  treatment approach.

Enviropacific also uses other proven technologies and equipment to monitor water quality and ensure that it is meeting and exceeding the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. The selection of the right treatment process / technology depends on the influent water quality.

In short, we’re excited to be expanding our services into an important new sector – it is part of our overall mission to create safer and cleaner communities.

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