Health & safety improvements

Health & safety improvements

Amidst the workplace changes introduced to manage the outbreak of COVID-19, the focus of Enviropacific employees and subcontractors on general health, safety and well-being has not waivered.

Our Total Recordable Injuries Frequency Rate, or TRIFR, is at its lowest in more than three years.  Historically, most of our workplace injuries have been muscular sprain and strain.  As a result, we introduced several initiatives to reduce the number of injuries and improve the health and well-being of our people.

We piloted the Move 4 Life program 18 months ago and have since rolled out the “Move 60 Second Investment” exercise program across the business.  The program provides employees with information and experiential learning about better ways to move, reducing stress on joints and muscles.

Critical Risk Reviews have been prioritised so that Senior Operational Managers perform formal Assurance Reviews of compliance with the Organisations Critical Risk Controls (our minimum standards) on a monthly basis.  These reviews open up additional opportunities to address and reinforce health and safety in our workplace through interaction and engagement with our project and delivery teams.

Despite the often hazardous environments we operate in, the safer our employees are the more productive they are too.  Most importantly, we want our people going home safely to their families at the end of every shift.

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