VIC EPA Changes

Are you ready and prepared for Victoria’s new environmental protection laws?

The state’s Environment Protection Amendment Act is due to effect from the 1st of July.  It will give EPA Victoria more powers and tools to prevent risks to the environment and human health as well as stronger sanctions against polluters.

The centre piece of the new laws is the general environmental duty (GED).  The GED requires all Victorians – business and individuals – to take steps to prevent or minimise risks to the environment.

Enviropacific’s Chief Executive Officer, David Tucker, says the company will work with the EPA to implement the administrative and operational changes as we transition to the new regulatory framework.

“This is an important shift, where the EPA Victoria is moving from managing risk to preventing harm.

“We hope that the tiered framework will make treatment facilities such as SOLVE an even more valuable waste management asset for Victoria.

“A key focus of the changes supports reuse, recovery and resource efficiency, and we feel that EP is well positioned to help the EPA achieve its goals,” said Mr Tucker.

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