Underway: Important PFAS Research, Supported by Enviropacific

Underway: Important PFAS Research, Supported by Enviropacific

Research is underway by the University of New South Wales into better and more effective ways to remove PFAS from contaminated water.

Earlier this year, University scientists received about $3 million from the Australian Research Council to study the problem of Per- And Poly-Fluoroalkyl Substances in the environment and how to utilise biological and chemical approaches to break apart these compounds.

As work gets underway, Enviropacific’s National Head of Water Sagar Adhikari says the research is important.

“The results from the bench or field scale trials will improve our knowledge and understanding of the physio-chemical treatment of PFAS compounds and their reaction to adsorption media,” Mr. Adihikari said.

Enviropacific is providing support in a number of ways:

  • Participate in project steering committee meetings and interpret results and treatment outcomes against the project objectives
  • Design and fabricate an Enviropacific pilot water treatment plant for field deployment
  • Mobilisation of pilot plant to site, operate and maintain the plant
  • Following the trial, demobilise the plant and remove from the subject site, including the disposal of any generated liquid or solid wastes to a suitably licensed facility
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