SOLVE Soil Treatment Facility – Update

SOLVE Soil Treatment Facility – Update

Our SOLVE facility in Victoria has achieved some significant milestones in the past few months as it reaches full operational capacity.

The first of those achievements is that SOLVE has had its biggest month ever since being opened for business earlier this year. Last month the facility treated in excess of 8000 tonnes of contaminated soil and waste. While some of this material has come from the Fitzroy Gasworks site in Melbourne – that we’re in the process of helping clean-up for future development – a significant portion also came from the general market.

The other significant achievement is that the Victorian Environment Protection Authority (EPA), recognising the high standards and level of compliance set by the SOLVE facility, has granted us permission to reuse our treated soil as fill on landfill sites.

These milestones make clear that SOLVE is very much open for your business. The facility is an important pillar in our overall mission to create healthier and safer environments.

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