PFAS: Solving Australia’s contamination problem

PFAS: Solving Australia’s contamination problem

As one of Australia’s biggest ever class actions gets underway, it’s also important to know that there are solutions to the Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) problem. These substances are toxic, persistent and bioaccumulate in the environment with potential risks to human and environmental health.

As the ABC recently reported, up to 40,000 people who live and work on land contaminated by PFAS are suing the Australian Government, arguing their property values have plummeted. The action is expected to be filed by Christmas.

The sources of this growing problem are common industry products including:

  • Firefighting foams
  • Water repellents
  • Fabric protectors
  • Carpets
  • Cookware
  • Food packaging

PFAS can also be found in soil, concrete, groundwater, surface water and sediments. These chemicals are resistant to heat, water and oil and do not degrade in the environment.

Enviropacific has become Australia’s leader in the vital clean-up of PFAS contamination.

We have developed extensive experience in managing a diverse range of PFAS impacted materials that are encountered on sites with legacy PFAS issues. These PFAS impacted waste streams include soils, sludges (either from non-destructive drilling works, or residing in the base of dams that have held PFAS impacted solids and/or liquids), surface/groundwater, biosolids, impacted concrete and legacy PFAS concentrate associated with companies transitioning to fluorine-free foams.

Unlike other business that offer PFAS clean up services, Enviropacific takes a holistic approach applying a suite of technologies to manage impacted waste streams. Our approach is based on:

  • Ensuring effective treatment performance that achieves both State and Federal regulatory requirements
  • Ensuring the treatment approach is proven, robust and repeatable that reduces client risk caused by regulatory uncertainty
  • Ensuring the treatment assets are appropriately sized to handle the anticipated waste volumes generated during construction
  • Offering a “Whole of Life” solution that encompasses a clear chain of custody process

The PFAS treatment solutions focus on a robust approach to give regulatory certainty which ultimately has the greatest benefit in minimising client risk.

Our inhouse experts are also working with scientists at several universities to investigate new and improved ways to manage PFAS.

This focus on continual process improvement ensures that Enviropacific will continue to remain at the forefront of the latest technological advances and Australia’s leading PFAS clean up company.