Fitzroy Gasworks and the Community

Fitzroy Gasworks and the Community

Now that remediation of the Fitzroy Gasworks in Melbourne is well underway, it provides a good opportunity to reflect how we are contributing to the community around us.

The Victorian Government has earmarked the old gasworks for new housing, education, recreation and open space. Development Victoria has identified the site as an “important part of Fitzroy North’s industrial and social heritage”.

The remediation programme at the gasworks has been designed to preserve the heritage-listed Valve House so it can be integrated into future developments. Careful planning by Enviropacific’s remediation team has ensured the structure remains.

The Valve House played an integral part in the supply of gas to Melbourne from the mid-19th century until the 1970s. It has a tiny footprint on the site but the preservation of the building during remediation will ensure that the historic value of the gasworks is maintained into the future.

It is good to think that we as a company are having a lasting, important and positive impact on the community.

If you would like more information regarding the history of the Valve House, please refer to the Victorian Heritage Database Report here.

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