Another successful water treatment project

Another successful water treatment project

Enviropacific’s Water Team has achieved some impressive results at one of Sydney’s biggest remediation sites, the former Millers Point Gasworks…not only for the client but also the surrounding environment – honouring its mission of enhancing the environment.

At a recent international conference held in Adelaide, the company’s Water Division boss, Sagar Adhikari, outlined the challenges faced by the company’s engineers and operators including the fact that the site had been a gasworks for nearly 100 years up to 1922 before becoming a maritime freight facility surrounded by shallow, tidally-influenced groundwater.

Enviropacific took up a multi-technology approach, teaming up with universities and technology providers to firstly develop an in-house lab-scale treatment trial.

Ultimately, the plant ended up treating up to 2 million litres/day of heavily impacted groundwater through extensive multi-phase physio-chemical treatment.

To date over 180ML of water has been treated in full compliance with our Environmental Protection Licence (EPL). Significantly, the quality of some of the treated water quality parameter discharge has been higher than Sydney’s normal drinking water and global WHO drinking water standards.

As a result, the delicate ecosystem of Sydney Harbour has been protected from chemical damage and harmful destruction. In addition, the treatment plant ensured that atmosphere was kept free from volatile gases generated during the remediation process.

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