World leaders in remediation, including Enviropacific team members, converge on Adelaide this month for the 2019 International Clean Up Conference. The conference comes at a critical time for the global environment. Public awareness is growing about the importance of clean and healthy communities, governments are responding by introducing tougher laws – and penalties – for those who do the wrong thing.

Enviropacific plays a crucial role for companies and organisations seeking to do the right thing. Our National PFAS Technical Manager, Andrew Thomas, will talk about the treatment of PFAS contaminated groundwater; Sydney Remediation Manager, Martin Kelly, will speak about transforming a former dump into usable land; and our National Water Manager, Sagar Adhikari, will talk about the treatment of heavily contaminated groundwater at a former Sydney gasworks site.

These topics highlight the fact that the global environmental remediation market is set for rapid growth over the next few years, estimated to be currently worth about $US85 billion and growing to $US152 billion by 2025 (Verified Market Research). The growth is being driven by a rising awareness of the importance of environmental protection, increased concern about rising pollution levels, rapid population growth and emerging contaminants.

In Australia, communities are still coming to terms with legacy issues like asbestos and now the ever expanding PFAS problem, that we are yet to fully understand.

Encouragingly, governments are responding. Across the country, environmental authorities are in unanimous agreement that preventing harm from pollution and waste is one of their top priorities. Governments are also introducing new levies and stronger penalties – civil and criminal – on organisations who damage the environment.

At Enviropacific, we are seeing an increasing number of companies – large and small – seeking to do the right thing. Our major projects often receive the most attention including the Narellan Landfill, Barangaroo and Stockton Beach remediation projects. But the vast majority of our work, which consists of over 300 projects per annum, is on a smaller scale incorporating underground tank removal, soil and water remediation and hazardous material removal and disposal.

Essentially, we provide a safe and cost-effective solution for remediation projects at all scales across a broad range of services. We also maintain a transparent process to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements. It’s all part of our mission to create safer and healthier communities.

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