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New business, new staff, new growth – Enviropacific’s water treatment business continues to break new ground and set industry leading standards.

We have introduced our own Mobile Water Treatment Plants – the most economical and effective way to be able to immediately treat PFAS and other contaminants anywhere in Australia.

These mobile plants are modular, scalable and rapidly deployable; they are guaranteed to meet the most stringent PFAS regulatory reporting limits.

The introduction of these water treatment units are part of our commitment and determination to do more to address the growing PFAS problem in the country and create safer and healthier communities.

At the same time, we are continuing to focus on growing and strengthening our in-house water design, engineering and project delivery capability to be able to service projects across the country.

We now have the in-house capability to run lab scale trials to develop the most optimal solutions for our clients and we have 100% in-house process and mechanical engineering & design capability.

We have made two key appointments as we prepare ourselves for the next stage of growth.  We have hired Peter Oberholzer, an international leader in water and wastewater related industries, as our Water Proposals Manager.  Michael Stark has joined us as Lead Process Engineer bringing a strong water and waste water treatment design experience.

These appointments and initiatives will help ensure that Enviropacific remains at the forefront of waste and water treatment in Australia and deliver the best solutions to our clients.

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