SOLVE Altona – Open For Business

SOLVE Altona – Open For Business

Now that we’re open for business, production at the SOLVE contaminated soil and waste clean-up facility is ramping up and so too is our community engagement.

We have our license and are continuing to update and refine our production methods to ensure that we remain Australia’s leading remediation company.

Over the past month we have also welcomed visits by the local Hobsons Bay Council led by Mayor, Councillor Jonathon Marsden, and students from La Trobe University.

The council delegation also included Chief Executive Officer Aaron Van Egmond, Councillor Sandra Wilson, and the Director of Sustainable Communities Pene Winslade inspected our facility.

SOLVE’s Manager, Tristan Roberts, says he was able to provide the Mayor and his team a comprehensive overview of the operations at Altona and show how the facility is revolutionising the waste clean-up industry.

“We went through our plans to take Victoria one step closer to becoming a circular economy by treating, recycling and reusing soils that were once destined for landfill,” Mr Roberts said.

The Council has now invited SOLVE to participate in next year’s Hobsons Bay World Environment Day community celebrations.

Mr Roberts says a group of engineering students from La Trobe University has also inspected the facility.

“The information session and plant tour focussed on the design and layout of the facility, the broad capabilities of thermal treatment and the sources of waste currently being treated.

“It’s important that our future engineers understand thermal treatment and waste-to-energy processes, particularly as these technologies gain momentum in Australia,” Mr Roberts said.

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